June 17 2016

New Italian-Albanian Agreement on Debt for Development Swap

On June 17 in Tirana, the Italian Ambassador, Alberto Cutillo, with the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Albania, Arben Ahmetaj, have signed the second Debt for Development Swap Agreement for an additional 20 million Euros allocated to support the implementation of social policies identified in the National Strategy for Development and Integration of the Albanian Government.

This new Agreement is part of the Italian -Albanian Cooperation Protocol for the 2014-2016 three-year period and it is designed to capitalize on the best practices and the results achieved so far by the Italian-Albanian Debt for Development Swap Programme (IADSA) during its first phase (2012-2016) to invest further in the development of human resources, in new jobs in the areas of migration, for the promotion of gender equality, social inclusion in particular of young people unemployed, minorities and people with disabilities aiming at strengthening social cohesion on a territorial basis, balanced regional development, social equity and the creation of new jobs in order to support Albania in its path towards EU integration.

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